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Kim Kennedy Hoff
Hope Coach & Creator

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Life can be overwhelming and throw us into situations we never imagined being in. This constant uncertainty creates anxiety and eats away at our self-esteem. 
  • Do you say "Yes," when your insides are screaming, "NO?!"
  • Does potential humiliation rule your decision making?
  • Does the thought of walking into a party alone make you want to throw-up?
  • Do you pass up job opportunities for fear of failure?
  • Are you a people-pleaser to avoid confrontation?
  • Does the fear of the unknown paralyze you?
  • Does anxiety, worry & depression keep you from enjoying life?
  • Does today sound so overwhelming that you can't dream about tomorrow?

Knowing who you are from a core level,
deep inside your soul,
changes absolutely everything.

Dear One,

Nothing has greater influence on your life, than how you feel about yourself. How do I know? Because... I AM YOU! I have watched women and teen girls suffer world-wide for decades, so I created Bootcamp2Beautiful to give you tools to heal, grow to understand who you are, to take control of your life and dream again. 

You don't have to feel alone, overwhelmed and like life is out-of-control any more. Bootcamp2Beautiful offers you:
- practical, easy and fun tools to help unravel the stress
- simple worksheets to untangle your mind
- uplifting strategies to refocus energy
- daily tools to stay on track toward your goals
- workshops to unlock your imagination to dream again
- healthy connection and laughter with other women on the same journey

Contact me today and let's lighten the load, find your smile and put a plan together.
I'm here for you!
Kim Kennedy Hoff

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Let's talk and put a plan together that works for you!

Wild Flowers

That Little Girls Dreams Matter.
Don't You Dare Give Up on Her!

What is Bootcamp2Beautiful?


Women Supporting Women


B2B is designed to bring women a renewed sense of PURPOSE, DRIVE, DETERMINATION, FOCUS, PASSION, SATISFACTION, CONFIDENCE & JOY in their every day life.


I want to meet you right where you’re at and take you to where you’ve always dreamt of being:


  • Discover Your Personal Purpose & Set a Vision for Your Life 

  • Achieve Your Goals with a Powerful New Outlook

  • Enjoy a More Energetic, In-Control & Hopeful Self

  • Develop the Mentor Within & Maintain Healthy Thinking Patterns

  • Impact Your Community with Your Passion in Action


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Private Women's Group

You're not alone anymore! 


How will it Improve My Life?

Combat anxiety, depression & stress
Focus your scattered thoughts
Find direction & purpose for your life
Get out of bed inspired to tackle your day
Go to bed feeling accomplished
Experience the support of other women
Grow, thrive & hope again!

Where do I Get Started?


Because I know you are focused and trying to survive in the life you've chosen, B2B is created to fit "on the go!" Recharge yourself to bring more energy, creativity and stability to your world. Check out the possibilities!

Self-Guided Studies
On-line Courses
Private Mentoring

Kim's Podcast

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Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Wild Flowers

Jodi's Testimony about B2B

A spicy, driven, stay-at-home-mom, who enjoyed serving her family and community, found herself struggling to figure out her own dreams now that here kids were leaving the nest.
Hear her thoughts about B2B...


Wild Flowers
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Unconventional motivation & mental strength training for individuals and groups wanting to "Live a Powerful Life!"

Meet Creator
Kim Kennedy Hoff

Dear One, 
I suffered from panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, alone, depressed and unable to focus. This wan't me! But, I had more questions than answers. I knew how I wanted to feel, but I didn't know how to change my life... Please allow me to share with you what I've learned... This changed everything for me!

"You are enough, but
you're not done yet!"

I'm praying for you.
Tell me your story...Friend.
I'd love to help you thrive.

I'm listening! 
~ Kim

It's time to feel your passion,confidence, energy & joy come back to life.

Defy the limits of your own imagination,

for this is the end of self & the beginning of faith!

Wild Flowers

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Live a Powerful Life...

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Congrats on making time for yourself! This decision can change everything for the better. I'm guessing you're ready for that!


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Kim Kennedy Hoff, Hope Coach & Creator

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"If you don't know who you are,
the world is happy to tell you who you can be." - Kim Kennedy Hoff