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How Kim's journey of faith began Bootcamp2Beautiful...​

I've learned over the years, that all of my power, energy and inspiration comes from God! In fact, every need has been met through my relationship with Jesus. I can't imagine taking one step forward without Him beside me. I really try to keep my eyes focused on Him, my ears tuned to His still small voice, and I even laugh with friends that I keep God on the Bluetooth all day! I am in constant conversation (prayer) with my power source

I see so much pain in this world. People trying to be accepted, trying to impress, trying to out-do each other to their own destruction. I ache for them to know that God loves them
UNCONDITIONALLY and that as his children, they have many powerful tools available to them for daily living. We are all created equally and no one person is without the skills to live a wonderfully, fulfilling life.

God placed Bootcamp2Beautiful on my heart many years ago. Through prayer, listening and experience
I believe that:
  • Every person has something very special to bring to this life.

  • We are all created on-purpose with great purpose; with much to accomplish with our talents.

  • We are all made in God's image and every single person has a piece of God Himself hidden within us. When we discover that "JOY OF THE LORD" tucked deeply in our hearts, it becomes our "STRENGTH." "The Joy of the Lord is your strength!" My goal is to help each person discover that unique little something that no one else has to offer. In fact, when that light comes on in someone's eyes, I have a tingling in my soul like no other moment can create!

  • We are equipped with the strength of Christ within us and every tool we need to Live a Powerful Life!


Although society tries to keep us out of many opportunities when we share our faith, I believe the world needs the HOPE of JESUS now more than ever. My hope is that you will see in my teachings, in my words, in my actions and in my heart that I have based B2B on my life experiences of grace with Jesus and the Word of God as a personal book of promises written for you and me. 


My prayer is that you will feel, to the depths of your soul through Bootcamp2Beautiful, just how important YOU are to this world and begin to love yourself and others unconditionally as God first loves us.

~ Kim Kennedy Hoff
Hope Coach & Creator


Love Unconditionally
                          ...including yourself

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