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Wild Flowers
K.C. Kennedy
Hope Coach & Creator of
Beautiful Inside Out
Beautiful Inside Out Logo_edited.jpg
Beautiful Inside Out Logo_edited.jpg
Don't waste one more minute of your life trying to be someone that you're not. Click the button below to begin the journey... 

"Defy the Limits of your own Imagination!"

Being Beautiful Starts on the Inside...

Believing that we are all far more alike than we are different, I'm taking the risk to say we have similar needs. Someone to love us unconditionally, to really be seen and accepted for WHO we are, to feel like we are making a difference in this world and to love ourselves. Let's face it! That girl in the mirror is never going away. I had to make friends with her a long time ago. In fact, I made her my BFF. I accepted her, loved her unconditionally and even learned to celebrate her when the world seems to have turned away. This mental/emotional/spiritual shift changed absolutely everything for me and my family. I had more energy, enthusiasm, patience, strength, hope & wisdom to share with them. 

"I suffered from panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, alone, depressed and unable to focus. This wasn't me! But, I had more questions than answers. I knew how I wanted to feel, but I didn't know how to change my life... Please allow me to share with you what I've learned... This changed everything for me!"

- K.C. Kennedy

The Beautiful Inside Out Program is comprised of the lessons I've learned over the last 23 years of praying, studying, listening, watching, dissecting and walking through some dark days. I am not a Psychologist or a Pastor. I'm just a girl whose passion is for you to understand how much you are appreciated by people who won't tell you. How loved you are just as you stand right now in your pile of laundry or wiping the tears off your face before they run down onto your blazer. It may be cliché, but you really are stronger than you think.


I am out to change women's view of themselves, one woman at a time - until "No Woman Stands Alone!" Confident, independent, decision-making, faithfilled, hopeful women supporting each other in personal growth! Our children are suffering from the lack of self-confidence in the women carving the path ahead of them. The way we see ourselves has to change. We can serve right where we are, in the roles we have chosen, but we have to continue to grow, to thrive. We do set the tone wherever we go. From the beginning of creation, we have been the "Keepers of the Heart!" 

Push forward. Lean into WHO you really are; who you were created to be! We need the gifts you've been hiding. "Sometimes it takes a courageous heart to love a fearful soul." Shake the rut and bring other women with you! Our families, our communities, our colleagues....YOU....deserve to have our VERY BEST version of ourselves! 

I'm praying for you. "You are enough, but you're not done yet!"

Tell me your story...Friend.

I'm listening! 

Embrace the Beautiful You

Everything about YOU is unique and that's what makes you BEAUTIFUL. What a bland world it would be if we all became the "shoulds" that we think the rest of society wants to see!
Beautiful Inside Out will walk you through the steps of understanding WHO you are and what you bring to this world in a way that will change:
  • the way you think
  • the way you look at yourself
  • the way you walk into a room
  • the decisions you make
Choose a format that works for you:
  • attend a Bootcamp2Beautiful workshop
  • participate in a webinar
  • go to a live event
  • apply for private mentoring

Join us!

Laugh, Cry, Cheer!

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