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Let's talk about YOU... I know the world tells us not to think about ourselves however, if you do not know who you are, what you like, what you're good at and what you want to do with your life, the world will be more than happy to tell you! 

Life constantly bombards us with conflicting information and then demands immediate decisions. It is OVERWHELMING! It is increasingly important to renew your mind to stay present in the current moment and NOT to stress yourself over the "should's, have-to's, and what if's." We can absolutely combat our cluttered mind and tired bodies by taking our control back of WHO we are as individuals. I have walked the rut that you may be in, bother personally, emotionally, professionally, and privately. These are the strategies that have helped me and many others combat anxiety, depression, worry, fatigue, and all the other resulting factors of stress. These are battle tactics for a busy world and overwhelmed mind. 


I'm giving you permission to focus on yourself for a just a few hours a week for the next 60 days. However, you can walk through this series on your own time, at your own pace.


My PowerLift Discovery Podcast Series is designed to help you: 

  1. Discover Your Personal Purpose

  2. Set a Vision for Your Life

  3. Jump Out of Your Rut

  4. Put Your "Shoulds" in Perspective

  5. Feel More Energetic, In-Control, & Hopeful

  6. Maintain Healthy Thinking Patterns

  7. Begin Achieving Your Goals

  8. Form a Powerful New Outlook on Life


Once you sign-up for the podcast series you will receive:

  • Podcast Access*

  • PowerLift Discovery Workbook**

  • Private Membership to our PowerLift Facebook Group Page***


Let's team-up and walk through the process to a much happier, healthier outlook on life together! Are you ready to feel better about yourself and enjoy every day a whole lot more? Let's go!

The PowerLift Podcast is $240 for the entire 60 day series. That is $4 a day for:

  • Over 8 hours of pumped-up, inspirational instruction and stories

  • PowerLift Discovery Workbook to give you additional thought-provoking questions and insights

  • Access to the private members-only PowerLift Facebook Group discussions

Because I believe in the power of accountability and support, you can share this journey with a friend for only the additional $20 cost of their workbook. This brings your cost per person down to $130 each or less than a Starbucks coffee at $2.17 a day for the 60 day series! 

This PowerLift Discovery Series is worth your time and energy - YOU ARE WORTH YOUR TIME AND ENERGY! I took the time to develop it and, if you know me, it's my life's passion and purpose to see YOU thrive. THIS IS MY PURPOSE discovered in the very same journey we will now travel together! 








*The podcasts are viewable on your own time and can be reviewed as many times as you like. Review them often until you wrap your mind around each concept. It takes time to adjust your thinking and form a new habit!

**The PowerLift Discovery Workbook is an optional tool to use with the podcast to enhance your learning experience. It will be emailed to you for download.

***You will be admitted to the private members-only PowerLift Facebook group page where we can discuss topics, ask questions, and share thoughts together. This is a great support network when "those days" come along to challenge us!

Take control and start enjoying your life!

PowerLift Discovery Series

Kim Hoff
Hope Coach &
Creator of the PowerLift Series
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Attending Alone $240
Together with a Friend $130 each

Look! A bonus!



I'm looking forward to taking this journey together. See you soon!​

"Live a Powerful Life!"

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