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I seem to hover somewhere over life in a hot air balloon watching life from the 30,000 ft perspective. I know what you're thinking! And, you're right! There is no oxygen here and it's really flippin' hard to breathe sometimes.

Photography by Kim Kennedy Hoff - Tenacity Pro Photo

But, it's quiet and I can observe the trajectory of my own life and observe the patterns of relationship dynamics and how people react to life in general. It's a wild ride from this perspective, but I'm tethered with a red string and it's soooo good to step away for a bit and really think about what I'm learning.

Years ago, God began tapping me and asking me each night, "What 'one thing' have you learned TODAY?" It forces me to STOP, BACK AWAY from the details and LOOK for the red string running through the events of my day. What was the overarching theme if I had to tie it all together? I keep a journal and the red string running through my life is connecting me to Him and my LIFE PURPOSE.

This "red string" is often referred to as the string between to lovers. Being connected at birth, one to each end of the big red ball of string. Their lives winding through life, yet always connected, until they finally find each other! No matter how far apart, they are still connected! I find that this woven string of three strands connects me, guides me, anchors me and has pulled me out of some gnarly pits!

I'm connected to my creator by this red string and the red string threads through the life purpose He has hidden in my heart.

If I follow the red string I'm most closely aligned with my life purpose and with my God. It's "faith" in tangible form!

This blog will be my personal conversations about my travels following the red string tied to my soul and what I learn on my journey. Maybe it will touch someone else's heart enough that they too will begin to reach for the connection they have with Jesus.

To understand the Red String is to know how deeply and intensely we are know how incredibly important our lives are to the beautiful tapestry our God is we interweave our lives with each other and Him.

~ Kim Kennedy Hoff

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